Friday, March 26, 2010

Monk or Grim Reaper?

I made this costume for my middle-schooler to wear during Medieval Day. Originally I sketched a robe to be made in green and blue satin-like fabric because the character was supposed to be in the likeness of an abbot not a friar. At the fabric store my son balked at the fabric choice, so we went with the monk or friar look. I'm lucky to be able to have this picture of him. If you have a tween I'm sure you can relate to their sometimes less than enthusiastic nature. Would you seriously ask for penance if you came across a monk with this expression, or be resolved that the grim reaper has come to clock you out?

I didn't really want to have any fabric left over from this brown, drab robe. I bought 2.5 yards and that was just enough. I made the pattern from my son's hoody, but the robe and hood are separate pieces. I used the scrap fabric to make a braided belt. All in all it turned out better than I expected even though it didn't get a smile out of the customer.

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