Friday, April 23, 2010

Balatong Jacks

Let's play a new spin on jacks! Game rules:
1) Gently toss the garlic, beans, and sprouts onto the floor.
2) Using one hand bounce the ball, grab the garlic and ball before the ball hits the ground. Be sure to yell out, "Garlic!"
3) Do the same for BOTH beans, and yell out, "Beans!"
4) Do the same for ALL 4 bean sprouts, and yell out, "Sprouts!"
5) Now do the same for all items using two hands, and yell out, "Balatong!"
Take turns to see who can do all of the steps. Once you're an expert, take turns to see who is the fastest.
The ball is not included in the set. Have fun with science and make your own bouncy ball! Visit the American Chemical Society.

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