Friday, October 1, 2010

Mario Kart Pumpkin

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I volunteered to carve a pumpkin to be raffled off at the annual carnival held at my son's school.  The thought of an empty raffle box freaked me out.  I knew I had to carve an image that the kids could  relate to, so I chose two classic gaming icons.
I drew a larger image onto a piece of paper, making sure the image would actually fit on the pumpkin, and that the lines would not be too detailed for the carving knife (made specifically for foam pumpkins, found at Michael's Craft Store).
I taped the drawing onto the pumpkin.  Using a thumbtack, I pierced through the drawing and made perforations.  I carved along the dotted lines, and made a hole at the bottom for an LED light (also found at Michael's Craft Store).

Here is a really rough stencil.  The red areas are where the pumpkin should be carved out.

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