Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drinkable Yarn?

Okay, so you shouldn't drink your yarn, but if you like to tote your work around and you don't want to put a ball of yarn in your purse with your makeup and keys and all the stuff that could snag onto or dirty-up the yarn, make one of these:
This bottle was once filled with stuff called "Vitamin Water," and I spooled a skien of white yarn onto a chopstick (I love chopsticks).  The bottle is slightly larger and has thicker plastic compared to a regular water bottle.  I cut the bottom and made a hole in the center of the base.  When cutting the bottom, don't cut all the way around; leave about a half an inch intact to use as a hinge.
The hole should be small enough for the tip of a chopstick to fit snugly.
I bore another hole into the center of the cap, so the top of the chopstick could go through.
Another hole was made on the side of the bottle, so a crochet hook could be inserted:
And there you have it:
Just don't do this....

For more yarn to interchange in and out of the bottle, you could do this:
This is a plastic container meant for a pair of shoes.  For each spool of yarn, I bore a hole on either side so the chopstick could fit as shown.  I could probably make more holes, but this container doubles as a pen/marker holder.


  1. these remind me of corn dogs... hahaha

  2. lol thats a cool idea


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