Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ward Off Those Pinchers With A Statement

Okay, so it's almost time for St. Patrick's Day, and although I like the color green, I thought this year I would make a statement using green materials.  I often visit to find inspiration and for this project I found it here:  paper beads!  They're super easy to make.  From a paper bag I cut one long, thin triangle.  Starting from the base of the triangle, I rolled it tightly around a ball point pen.  To keep it closed, I applied glue using a glue stick to the last 2-3 inches of the paper.  I make smaller beads to use as a "clasp."  The same process is used except the strip of paper is a long, thin rectangle.  I love blue toile, so I tried to mimic it by drawing vines of leaves with a blue ball point pen.

View what others are saying about this project here.
1-inch paper bead
2 - 1/4 -inch paper beads ("clasp")
Parcel Post Twine
1/2.75 mm Hook

Make 68 chains (weave the tail in as you go).
Insert the string of chains into the 1-inch bead.
Slip stitch back 31 stitches (always insert the hook into the spine, rather than the front or back loop of each chain).
Use a short strand of scrap yarn to mark the stitch that is 6 chains from the hook.
Push the bead against the last stitch made.
Chain 5 over the bead.
Slip stitch where your marker is and continue to make slip stitches up through the very first chain.
Cut enough string so that the entire circumference will allow you to put your head through.
Use the hook to pull the tail across through the 68th chain.
Insert the "clasps" and knot the ends enough times so they don't fall out.
 And here's another variation... it's got an Asian-feel to it...

3/6/11... just made another set of beads with a blue toile print; no words this time, and I sealed it with some nail polish (that stuff is kind of stinky, so don't do too many beads at once).  The polish really brightens the ink.


  1. Hello, It is me GLOWAcademy10 from .craftster :)
    I have several patterns over on my blog , if youd like to pop over send me your e-mail over at .craftster. and I will add you to the list, I have the pattern for the hat scarf there also :)

    Oh hey do you sell this necklace on your etsy? Id love to buy one from you :)

  2. I Loooooooooove my necklace :) I wear it all the time :)


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