Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Word of Caution

Readers here, on Facebook and the forums I am a member of have taken interest in the Jar of Stars project.  If you want to try this project out, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL IN SELECTING THE PLASTIC MATERIAL YOU USE, AS SOME PLASTICS CAN LEACH HARMFUL TOXINS WHEN BURNT.  FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DECODING THE RECYCLING NUMBER OFTEN SEEN AT THE BASE OF PLASTIC CONTAINERS, START HERE.  I actually would not use anything but bottles labeled with a 1 (one).  Also, the cap and the bottle are not necessarily composed of the same type of plastic.  Use safety gear for added protection, or experiment using alternative means to bore the holes, such as a drill or an awl.

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  1. Thanks Karen for letting us know :)


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