Monday, April 4, 2011

Dinner Dice

It never fails.  I'm always wondering what I'm supposed to make for dinner.  To help me decide, I made these dice from popsicle sticks.  One die has six of the continents, another has proteins and another has vegetables.  The sticks were embellished using a wood-burner to make the dice look like crates.
First, tape 3 sticks together and set them aside.
Tape 12 sticks together, like so:
Trim the excess tape.  Use the triplet of sticks made earlier to measure out 3 columns.
 Each side of a die will have 3 sticks.  In the first and third columns, mark between the 3rd_and_4th, and 5th_and_6th sticks...
Use very strong scissors or a Dremel to cut along the lines.  In the end, you should have three pieces:
For every three sticks, apply wood glue between the 1st_and_2nd sticks, and the 2nd_and_3rd sticks.  Wipe off any excess glue and place a small piece of tape over each set of 3 sticks.

Use tape to reattach the two squares to the main strip.  Apply tape to the back of the main strip so some of the tape sticks out.
Fold the sticky part of the tape back, and sandwich it between the top and bottom tips of the main strip.
The main strip now has four walls, and the top and bottom walls are sticking out like wings.

Wait for about 2 hours for the wood glue to dry and remove the small pieces of tape.  Embellish the walls using a wood-burner.  Glue all sides using a hot glue-gun.  Repeat the process for two more dice.

Roll the dice.
Looks like we're having...

 Googled and found this.  Hmmm, looks good.
Afterword:  Lookin' to off-load some of these popsicle sticks --- If you'd like to swap for some Dinner Dice, please email me.


  1. That is one awesome idea! My granddaughter and I love Popsicle's, I wonder if it would work for vegetarians, too? Sure would make meal planning easier.

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Awesome job! Thanks for linking them up;)


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