Friday, April 1, 2011

A Low Fat Craft

The other day I bought some 10/0 seed beads to crochet with.  These beads are super small -- 2 mm in diameter to be exact, so I got to wondering how to organize these itty bitty things.  I debated on buying this for 6-bucks:
Nah!  I'm too cheap, and I'm such a self-proclaimed recycling freak.  
It just so happened that we bought into a 10-for-$5 yogurt deal, and more than half-way through our binge, we were left with these empty yogurt cups begging for new life:
So, here's what I did to convert a once-pina-colada vessel into a bead bin:

Use an awl to make a pilot hole just above the lowest bar of the barcode.  Cut around the cup.  You can measure if you like, but I was impatient...
You should end up with two parts.  Recycle the upper portion.  Apply 3/4" tape around the upper rim of the base so only half of the strip is sticking to the container.  Cut 1" tabs into the upper portion of the tape, and fold these tabs over the rim and onto the inside of the container.
Flip the container upside-down, and you will find 6 darts.  Now flip the container right side up and let light go through it so you can see the shadows of the darts.  With a pen, make tick marks that align with the 6 darts.  Cut triangular notches at each tick mark.
Decorate all but one of the containers from the base to the bottom of the tape.  Decorate the remaining container all the way to the top; this will be the top of the tower.  To prevent the seed beads from slipping into the crack inside the container, I applied glue all the way around the interior circumference.  Close-up, you may be able to see this in the empty container below.
Another great use for these containers:
I hope you get a chance to try this project!

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  1. That is awesome! The one thing I really dislike about Yoplait yogurt is that their containers are not very conducive to reuse. This is a great method!


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