Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slouching For Charity

I know, the weather here is getting too warm for a slouch hat, but this is for a challenge I signed up for at church.  We're trying to make 100 hats for the homeless by November.  It was initially dubbed a "Knitting Challenge," but crocheting was an option (thank goodness, because I can't knit my way to a simple pot holder).  I made this pattern and it works up pretty quickly.  Give it a try for yourself, and for someone else.

UPDATE 10/6/12 --- ScribD no longer offers free downloads :(  That's okay!  You can also find this free pattern on my Ravelry page: CLICK HERE
Slouch Hat Pattern


  1. OOOOOOOOOOH LOVE the hat :)

  2. I love this hat, LOVE LOVE LOVE! but one thing I am confused on.... I have gotten to row 19 and I have no clue what SL is except for a slip stitch, it that correct? or is it the same as a sc?

  3. Hi Armywife! Thanks so much for using the pattern. Your first instinct is correct; SL is slip stitch. Happy Holidays!


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