Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crazy For Sushi

I must admit, my family and I are sushi-lovers and we gotta have it with a large dose of nose-tingling Japanese horseradish, otherwise known as wasabi.  When my little one finished off the last of our tube of wasabi, I was saddened that the container was made of non-recyclable plastic (envision my sad face here).  So I set off to find a way to upcycle it (hey, did you know that my digital dictionary just flagged upcycle as an unidentifiable word; note to self --- must add upcycle to dictionary).

I simply cut the top off the tube, washed the inside out and punched a few holes for a few crochet hooks.  My mini scissors fit perfectly snug inside the tube. (Note to self, must try this with toothpaste tube). 
If you happen to sneak a peek inside my purse you will most likely see this kit in the inside pocket.

Of course, this inspired me to create some maguro, aka tuna... (pattern sold on etsy)

Oh, man, is it dinnertime yet?

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