Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quack! Quack! Pattern!

At long last, I've finished the pattern for this quacky lotion topper.  The pattern is available at my etsy shop.  (updated 6/16/13 - this pattern is now free to download on ). The first one was done in free form, so I had to do a lot of back-tracking.  The pattern gives the option of making a narrow or a wide-beaked duck.  That's probably why it took so long for me to finish.  I hope you enjoy...


  1. EEEEEk Im going now to make Mr Quackers lol

  2. I'm having a ducky themed baby shower for my sister. These are now a MUST! So cute. I will have to buy her pump lotions and shampoos, now! :-D

  3. Fugzilla - how fun! makes me smile thinkin' about all those duckies :D


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