Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are You Married?

Seven years ago at a bathroom in the mall, I removed my wedding band, set it down on the sink, washed and dried my hands, gave myself a quick glance in the mirror, and left to meet up with my family.  An hour later, I was back at the same sink.  My ring was gone.  No, it wasn't at the lost-and-found either.  I went through the seven stages of grief: "Oh, no!  Why did I do that?!  That thief; maybe s/he'll bring it back!  I'm so sad.  Breathe.  It doesn't take a ring to show you're happily married. Life goes on."

So, although happily married for almost 15 years, you will rarely find me wearing a ring.  On the slight chance that I do wear a ring, I don't remove it unless I'm at home, because this disgruntled combat chicken is guarding it for me.
Here's how I put this dispenser together:
MATERIALS:  2 empty and clean Yoplait-brand yogurt cups, a soap pump of your choice, a bobby pin, scissors, size I crochet hook, jute rope
 Take one of the cups and cut approximately 2/3rds off.  Set the top aside -- it won't be used.
 Make a hole at the bottom of the cup.  The hole should be slightly smaller than the widest part of the hose so it will fit snugly when inserted.
 Test out the lid to see if the pump fits over the other yogurt cup.  Trim the hose if it's too long.

Using jute rope, and the crochet hook, work in the round to crochet a cozy for the dispenser.  This is 20 double crochet stitches around, by 4 rounds in height.  I joined each round with a slip stitch and began each round with 3 chains, which counts as one double crochet stitch.  The double crochet stitches were worked in the back loops of the previous round.
 Place the cozy around the whole yogurt cup.
 Slip the lid so it is between the base cup and the cozy.
 Take the bobby pin and bend the ridged side upward to create a hook.
 Insert the unbent side of the bobby pin between the dispenser and the cozy.
Place the chicken around nozzle, and hang your ring on the hook....

 ...or, at the base of the pump..
 For a much quicker variation, simply pierce the top of the soap bottle to make a small hole.
 Insert the bobby pin hook into the hole, and use as a ring-holder.


  1. Oh thats a cool idea...

  2. So creative. What an imagination.

  3. That is awful for someone to take your ring and not hand it in. I think your ring holder is brilliant and crocheting with rope, what a great idea.

  4. You come up with such fun ideas! This is another great one.


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