Friday, June 10, 2011

Che-kee The Upcycled, Barely-Used Boy's Dress-Shirt

I made this little guy almost a year ago, but am just now posting him.  In his previous life he belonged to N.  He was a bit neglected and often cooped up in a dark closet.  Outside of N's closet, he appeared in a few weddings and maybe one grade-school photo.  After I deconstructed his parts, he evolved into Che-kee (Cherokee was the brand name of the shirt).  The cuffs are his ears, and the collar became his feet.  He has a little pocket in the front.  I left in some functional buttons, so he could transform from a frenzied monster into a tame one:
I think his extreme-makeover went well.  Che-kee doesn't like to relive his boring past, but here's his "before" photo.
 What do you think of that, Che-kee?
Oh, he has no comment.  He wants to learn how to sew....

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  1. This is SO clever!! What an adorable transformation. Great job!


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