Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Makeover: Camo Sling

These camo shorts never really saw any action.  They were one of those purchases I envisioned my son wearing on a daily basis, with me encouraging him to find another pair of shorts to wear.  Sadly, he didn't share that vision and they were stuffed deep into the abyss of one of his drawers only to be recently uncovered during a routine closet clean-out.
I decided to tear it apart and try to give it new life.  I cut the legs off, opened up the inseams and french-seamed the pieces together.  Using jute rope, I crocheted the top sling and base.  I removed the drawstring from the pants, and wove it into the top border.
This'll definitely see some action now.


  1. Oh wow that looks amazing!! You are so clever i would never of imagined how you could turn shorts in to a bag and to add the crochet jute rope is just pure brilliant.

  2. Thank you, you're too kind -- I'm looking forward to seeing your next stripey bag ;)


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