Thursday, June 2, 2011


There has been an uptick of "likers" (previously termed "fans") on Balatong T&C's Facebook Page.  This is all thanks to networking pages (namely The Craft Show, Fan Page Promote and Send In The Troops) who allow page owners to freely post an ad.  The concept is easy:  "like my page and I'll like yours."

I thought I could also translate this to the blogging world:  "follow me and I'll follow you."  If you blog, you are absolutely free to post a link in any of the comments sections of this blog.  Please, however, refrain from adding promotional sales -- that should all be done on your blog; a simple link will do.

I've also set up a Facebook page for Crafty Bloggers to post a link to their blog so bloggers on Facebook can participate.  Feel free to post your blog link on Crafty Bloggers as well.  Even if you don't have a blog, you can show your support for all things handmade by liking the new page, and sharing the concept with others.


  1. Hi thanks for popping by, now google friend following and facebook following you, Karima from

    PS - I think one of your links in your post isn't working (Crafty Bloggers link).


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