Friday, August 19, 2011

Green Pencil Case

It's that time of year again:  Back To School.  Here's a "green" alternative to buying a pencil pouch -- upcycling a soft drink bottle...

Aside from a clean plastic bottle, here are the tools needed:  needle-nosed pliers, awl, seam ripper, hitch pin, shank button and two 2-inch hair-ties (rubber bands can be substituted).
The base should be about a quarter to a half inch shorter than the tallest pen or pencil.  Pierce the bottle with the seam ripper and use it to cut around the bottle, making sure to leave at least one inch to serve as the hinge.

Directly across from the hinge and about an inch from the opening just made, use an awl to make a hole just large enough for the shank of the button.

Secure the button with a hitch pin.  Use the needle-nosed pliers if needed.
Lay one hair tie on top of the other.
Take the upper loop (colored blue in the picture below) that's directly atop the lower band (colored red), tuck it under the lower band and pull up while holding on to the other side of the lower band.

Pull both bands in opposite directions to produce a knot in the center.

Insert the bottleneck through one loop and wrap the other loop around the button.
The bottle can be used as a pencil stand, but if it is top heavy, insert a bolt through the bottom.  Secure the bolts with nuts to add more weight.


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