Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Bag With Purpose

I found this duck drowning in a pool of its own kind at a wholesaler.  He wasn't displayed, just jumbled in an open box with his flock and foam peanuts.  I had to take him home with me and give him some purpose.  Everyone likes to feel they're meant to do something, right?  I crocheted him a little jute bag and assigned him the task of taking care of a sedum rubrotinctum (sometimes called jelly beans, but they're not edible) It should be an easy task -- the plant doesn't need water for another month. 
If you'd like to give purpose to something you've recently adopted, here's how to make a Bag With Purpose.

An Adopted Figurine
Jute Twine
Florist Wire
F - Hook
Needle-nosed Pliers
Crochet Pattern:
Beginning with first CH, 2SC in each CH (6)
(1SC, 2SC) 3 times (9)
Working only in the back loops from this point on
(1SC, 1SC, 2SC) 3 times (12)
(1SC, 1SC, 1SC, 2SC) 3 times (15)
HDC even (15)
(DC, DC, 2DCtog) 3 times, DC, 2DCtog (11)
CH 15 -17 depending on how low the bag is to hang
Fasten off

The Clasp:
Measure out approximately 5 inches of florist wire, and bend to make a U shape
Weave the ends of the wire through the last CH
Wrap the last CH with one end of the wire twice over, and again with the other end of the wire.
Each end should have just enough slack to tuck under the CH.
Pull the end of the jute twine back, tuck the wires under the CH and over the end of the jute twine so it's kept in place.  Cut off any excess of the jute twine.
This is the completed clasp:
Bend the clasp around one of the DC loops to secure the bag around the figurine.
Add dirt and a plant of your choice.  Of course, I'd recommend a no-hassle succulent plant, like sedum.  I'm still searching for the right plant for Froggy.


  1. Have you ever heard of these little plants called Ionantha? They don't have to be planted in soil, so they can live happily in a tiny sack hanging on a favorite figurine.

    They're called air plants by some. But Ionantha is the name where you can find images of them on the internet.

    Just thought I'd suggest these - you sounded like you'd like to have a year-round tenant in your adorable little sacks. :>)

    -Lynn (cattiekit)

  2. Hi Lynn - thank you for the recommendation. Yes, I've heard of air plants before but didn't consider them as "tenants" :) I will definitely look around for them.


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