Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cough, Heave, Moan, Repeat

Did you think I died?  There was a point when I thought I was going to, but I'm being overly dramatic.  Four weeks ago, I sat in a daze on my way to a temp job in The City.  My light-headedness wasn't on account of the stuffy air in the subway.  I knew I was coming down with something when I couldn't even give up my senior/handicapped seat to an elderly woman entering the train.  Seriously, everything hurt, and it amazed me that I got through the day.  Dinner was a cup of Thera-Flu and for the next days and nights all everyone in our home could hear was my constant coughing, heaving and moaning.  I'll never know what caused my month-long nightmare and I don't even think the doctors knew.  First the doctor said it was a bacteria (strep), and after a week of finishing the prescribed antibiotics another doctor said it was a virus (bronchitis).  My faith in doctors weighs less than an amoeba.

Anyway, enough about me.  This is, after all, a toys-and-crafts blog.  Here are some of the latest toys I've coughed up (don't worry, phlegm was not added -- these were created long after the virus ran its course)...

Have you seen the movie yet?

Here's an easy way to decorate an egg with a single color of medium worsted weight yarn.  It's the basic shape for the Lorax, bunny, red bird and pink piggy.  Then you can embellish with felt, beads or buttons.

Use a F-Hook and work in the round....

Round1:  Magic Circle 6SC (6)
Round2:  (1SC, 2SC) 3 times (9)
Round3: (1SC, 1SC, 2SC)3 times (12)
Round4: (1SC, 1SC, 2SC)4 times (16)
Round5: (1SC, 1SC, 1SC, 2SC)4 times (20)
Round6: (1SC, 1SC, 1SC, 2SC)5 times (25)
Rounds7-10:  SC around (25)
Round11: (1SC, 1SC, 1SC, SC2tog)5 times (20)
Rounds12-14: SC around (20)
Round15: sl st around (20)

Fasten off, weave ends in and decorate.

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