Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Vice To Nice

Whoa, I've been drinking way too much wine lately.  My habit was amounting to $75 a month down the hatch!  I needed to change this expensive vice into something nice...
I also wanted to mention that I'm the only one in my household who likes cilantro.  Under this glass dome (once a wine glass) are some cilantro seedlings... just for me.

Things displayed behind glass just seem so much more appealing.  Like gummy vitamins:

These are the materials and tools needed for the project:
Tapered saw, a candle, ice, a wooden drawer knob, a pocket knife and a strong clear-drying adhesive, like E6000, paint (not shown).

STEP 1:  Use the tapered saw to score around the stem a quarter of an inch away from the bowl of the goblet.
STEP 2:  Rotate the wineglass just above the flame of the candle to heat the scored area.  Do not place the stem directly on the flame.
STEP 3:  Ice the scored area, and repeat the heating and cooling process until the glass breaks.
STEP 4:  Use the pocket knife to bore a hole just wide enough to fit the stem.
STEP 5:  Paint the knob before gluing it to the dome.
STEP 6:  Place the adhesive in the knob and attach to the dome.  Let this cure for at least 24 hours.


  1. Oh cool! I'm really loving terrariums these days. Thanks for the instructions.


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