Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oddly Natural

On this Earth Day, I hope you take time to enjoy nature and its little oddities, like beakless birds crocheted in cotton or hemp:
or mushrooms in sisal rope:
or pineapples in jute:
Jute is a great fiber to use for creating planters.  Not only is it safe for the plants, it has antibacterial properties.  Here are instructions on how to make these little pineapples:

FIBER:  Lightweight jute twine (typically found in hardware stores)
Potting Soil, Platt's Black plant (sometimes this is called Brass Buttons)

ST or st = stitch
CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch
DC = Double Crochet
DC2tog = 2 DC together
SC2tog = 2 SC together

ROUND1: Magic Circle 8 SC (8)
For each round, join the last and first st with a SL ST and CH1 from this point on
ROUND2: 2DC in each st (16)
ROUND3: (1DC in next 3 st, 2DC in next st) 4 times (20)
ROUND4: (1DC in next 3 st, DC2tog) 4 times (16)
ROUND5: (1SC in next st, SC2tog) 5 times, 1SC in last st (11)
ROUND6: SL ST around (11), fasten off and weave the end in

Pack with enough potting soil to fill one-third of the way, then insert the plant.
Use an eye-dropper to water the plant from overhead.  Brass Buttons like to be in moist soil, and they will not be very forgiving if you let the soil dry out.  This is why they can handle the humidity in a closed terrarium.

Maybe this will inspire you to make your own world of oddities:

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