Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black and Blue

I'm black and blue from failure, but after sleeping the entire afternoon away, I've come to the understanding that bruises eventually disappear.  All will be like nothing happened--at least from everyone else's point of view.

I spent the past week preparing for a vendor show.  After months of imagination drought, I was finally getting inspired to create more planters.

The night before the show, I loaded up my van with the goods.  I wanted to just roll out of bed the next morning and zip my way to the show (after my daily dose of caffeine, of course).

The next morning, the start of the next day played out as planned.  Everything was set:  plants nicely displayed, confidence level up to par, and my script for explaining the thought behind each work was readily filed away in my brain.  The only thing missing?  Buyers.  At the close of the show, only one item sold--a pathetic, last-minute basket worth $4--not even enough to cover lunch for the day.

I was so embarrassed and frustrated by how my day was going, I packed up early, got home, unloaded the plants, took an extra long shower (sulking) and jumped into bed.

After 5 hours, I'm up--venting the last bit of frustration through writing.  I'm dissecting the day as I type; what went wrong?

Ultimately, the flaw was my choice of venue.  Lesson learned: don't vend where products (yours or theirs) are an after-thought to your prospective buyer.  The venue was at a youth swim meet.  The prospective buyers, parents and children, were primarily focused on swimming strokes, and definitely not plants.  Kids zoomed by the booths in their swim gear and parents had a lounging area completely separate from the vending area.  I laugh at my foolish mistake, but what a pricey laugh.  It amounted to so much lost time and money, plus a heavy wound of black-and-blue.

Aaah! Clarity has arrived.  The venting process is complete and the bruise is slowly disappearing.  Now to fill up with some dinner and thoughts of making better choices for the future...

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