Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One of the many benefits I get from volunteering at a local garden, Ruth Bancroft Garden, is that I get a free education on so many varieties of succulents.  Once in a while I also get free plants.  Last spring, while helping to prepare for the annual spring plant sale, I nabbed a bunch of tequila clones, also called bulbils.  Check out this photo, and you'll see what bulbils are: CLICK TO SEE PHOTO
The bulbils just fall to the ground, but sometimes at the garden they're cut down.  One of the tequila plants had so many, we couldn't use them all so I took some home.

Here's a clay pot full of the bulbils sitting atop a candelabra that I flipped upside down to serve as the pedestal.
The plants are fierce!  They jabbed me a few times, and, yes, there was spilt blood (okay, maybe just a few drops), but the finished bowl of tequila was well worth the fight. I planted a few in my garden. Because these weren't contained, they grew much larger than the ones in the bowl.  I recently transferred the larger clones into glass cylinders.  Here they are, looking very stately---my triple shot of tequila:

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