Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deep Within My Notebook

One of many outlets I use to vent is writing; not just on this blog, but also in my notebook.  Words are often my mortar: they fill in the cracks when arts and crafts cannot.  Sometimes I look back at what I have written and I wonder what the situation was that brought me to put the pen on the paper. I wrote this last summer, but I can't recall whom I was so angry with.

Last night
The grenade of frustration you implanted
In my head imploded.  The only relief valve came from shrapnel,
Piercing         blurry       portals
For hot tears to flow
R e m n a n t s      of
A     n     g     e     r
Still remain
to Hemorrhage
All I know is, I'm glad I wrote this poem instead of using its image, especially since I can't even remember the situation that lead me to write it.

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