Monday, November 19, 2012

From Schoolyard to Garden

While I love to arrange plants in containers, the vessels can be so expensive!  A ceramic pot can sometimes cost more than the plants that it holds.  Plants should really be front and center.  I recently came across tutorials on making hypertufa planters: a simple and inexpensive mix of equal parts portland cement, peat moss, perlite and water pressed into a mold of any form of your choice.  Most of the tutorials say start with a basic plastic bowl as a mold.  From those tutorials, I made these:

Then when I got bored with bowls, I took one of my son's old, deflated schoolyard balls:

If you'd like to create your own, original and inexpensive pots, a well-written tutorial can be found from the queen of crafts, Martha Stewart.

Recently, through Gondwana Flora, our friends at Gardens By Anna cued us into a way to make these concrete pots look more rustic than modern: sprinkling Iron Sulfate onto cured concrete pots and lightly misting them with water.  Here's a schoolyard ball sporting the rustic look (stay tuned for finished arrangement):
Additionally, I took some broken concrete and treated it with Iron Sulfate to make them look like natural stone:

If you venture into any of these projects, please USE THE PROPER SAFETY GEAR: chemical resistant gloves, dust mask and safety glasses.  Iron Sulfate also stains concrete easily and permanently, so make certain it's the look you want and protect work surfaces accordingly.

I'm currently working on a larger schoolyard ball and I hope you come back to see the tutorial and results:

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  1. Great tutorial, I especially like the idea of using Iron Sulfate to achieve the rustic look. Thank You


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