Monday, December 24, 2012

Bunny Fans

After the Niner-Seahawks game, some bunny fans had a bit of a scuffle:

Some accessories for your bunnies, using an F-Hook and acrylic worsted weight yarn:

BEANIE (don't join rounds - work in spiral):
Round 1 --Make Holes For Ears:  (CH6, SC st in first CH) 2 times
Round 2 -- In each space/hole, make 6HDC (12)
Round 3-- SC in back loops of each st
Round 4 -- SC in back loops of each st
Round 5 -- (you can choose a different color for border) - SC in backloops of each of next 8 st, SL st in last 4 st

CH40 to 50, fasten off and separate the loose strands to give a frayed effect

CH5, SL st in back loop of first CH - draw the tail and slip knot into the center of the circle, you'll work around this strand so you don't have to weave it in later.
Make SL st in each of 19 pursuing st -- at this point, if there is any of the tail from the slip knot end still sticking out, cut
SL st, sk, SL st, sk, SL st
Fasten off and pull the working end of the yarn taut. Cut the yarn, leaving about a quarter of an inch.  Separate the loose strand to represent the roots of the carrot.

With green yarn, fold a 6-inch strand in half.  At the top of the carrot, insert your hook through two loops directly across from each other, draw the fold of the green yarn through the two loops.  Draw the two strands of green yarn through the loop on the hook. Pull taut.

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