Monday, December 17, 2012

What Bugs Me

When my youngest son, Noah, was 7, he wrote a little book about the one thing that really bugged him: "What bugs [me] is when my brother's clock waks me up with it's horrible noyes. It is hard for me to wake up because I am so sleeppy. I wish I can get rid of thet clock."

I ponder to think what bugged the little ones before their lives were cut short last Friday. Was it an alarm clock? Was it broccoli? Or, was it a teasing brother or sister? It most likely was not an evil, senseless killer barging into school, shooting guns, taking the lives of anyone in sight.

As much as it hurts to have lost 20 innocent children, it pains me to think that the friends they left behind will forever be haunted with blood and terror.  An uncontrollable, unimaginable, and seemingly unstoppable monster has taken the place of a simple, "noyesy," nuisance, like an alarm clock that they could willfully turn off. God, give the survivors the courage to live and trust; protect what remains of their innocence.

For those who would like to show support for the brave children of Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES), Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me, has listed several opportunities.  I will be crocheting some of the beanies for the project headed by Heidi from Snappy Tots.

A quick crochet project for a green and white (SHES colors) ribbon:
Row1(white): CH26 (to represent the 26 fallen), fasten off
Rows2-3(green): SL st across in backloops

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