Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dry Versus Humid

I've been focusing so much on succulent plants for the simple reason that, well... they're simple.  They don't ask for much--just to keep them away from too much water and freezing temperatures.  Heck, if you cut off one of their "limbs," the limbs will grow into new plants!

I decided to be brave and get some tropical plants--which, unlike succulents, love moisture and humidity. That was a bad idea. I bought some carnivorous plants. I gave them rain water per the grower's instructions, but the brown part of my thumb got the best of them.  They are now buried in the yard-debris bin. Not to be outdone, I bought some hibiscus and planted them close to the house to keep them as warm as possible.  During the first sign of frost, the hibiscus was decimated.

The main reason I wanted to start collecting tropical plants was that they remind me so much of my visits to Bali. I came up with a way to combine both my love for succulents and the tropics. It happened when I placed a swatch of batik in an acrylic frame. I suddenly envisioned it as a background for some succulents.

I circled where I wanted to insert the succulents, removed the acrylic frame, and then melted holes through the markings with my wood burner.
I put the batik and cardboard-backing in the acrylic frame. Using an X-acto knife, I cut through the fabric and cardboard where the holes were made.

I took some succulent cuttings from my garden and inserted each cutting into a hole.  To stabilize and secure the plants, I wrapped their stems with florist tape.

Now, I can display my love for succulents and Bali without killing innocent plants.

It looks great on our bookshelf, but imagine an accent wall decked out in various batik and succulents....

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