Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tunisian Knit Crochet Beanie

I can't knit but I like the stretch and texture of knitting. I recently picked up the book The New Crochet Dictionary. It's not "new." The book was published in the 80s, but it has loads of techniques, like tunisian crochet. I found out about the tunisian knit stitch (tks) from the book, but because the photos are somewhat blurry and in black and white, I had to supplement with web tutorials.

I started this hat with the tunisian simple stitch and then tks, but I didn't work in the round (that's the next technique I will have to learn).

Using a regular hook, I joined the swatch with slip stitches. I went through the front loops only so it doesn't have such a high bump.

The top was closed working in a spiral with single crochet (sc) and  sc decrease.

To finish, the brim is one round of sc.

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  1. Oh wow! That looks just like knitting! It's funny, I knit but can't crochet at all and wish I could do a knit stitch that looked like crochet! :)


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