Friday, May 3, 2013

Crocheted Jute Purse

Landscaping your yard can be a big investment; sometimes it can take all the money out of your purse! I decided to put some of that investment back....

To make the purse, you will need:
Gardening Twine
19 Gauge Wire
J/10/6.0mm Crochet Hook

The Purse Pattern:
Round1: CH40, SL ST in the 1st CH to join the round (40CH)
Round2-7: CH3 (counts as one DC), DC around, SL ST in the CH3 (40DC)
Don't fasten off

Cut enough wire to go around the purse, plus about 1.5" to make an oval. Use the pliers to twist the ends together. Make two ovals.
Notice they don't have to be perfectly symmetrical. The only concern is that they can each fit around the purse.

Round8: CH2 (counts as one SC) Hold the twisted end of one of the ovals just behind the top of round 7. Begin joining the purse with the wire by inserting your hook through the next DC and under the wire. Draw up a loop, YO, and complete the SC st by drawing through both loops on the hook. Repeat this process around, and SL st at the top of CH2 (40 SC)

The Handles:
Round9: CH2, SC in next 5 st, CH12, skip the next 8 st, SC in next 12 st, CH12, skip next 8 st, SC in next 6 st, SL st in CH2 (48 total st)
Round 10: SL st around in back loops only, fasten off.

The Bottom:
Round1: Turn the purse upside down and join the bottom with the other oval wire in the same manner as Round 8 of the main body.
Rounds 2-4: Alternate SC and SC2tog until you have completed 3 more Rounds.
Cut enough twine to whip stitch the last round closed.

Weave all the ends in, and line the inside with newspaper.

Insert potting soil and your plant arrangement.  Water thoroughly, including the purse itself.

(The next day, I decided to change the arrangement a little bit, so the above photo does not match the finished purse.)  

Step back and enjoy the return of investment from your garden, or give your arrangement to someone special because giving also has plenty of priceless returns.


  1. Wow, this would make a great gift for a gardening friend of mine. Thanks!

    1. Hi AngelRoseLite! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I do hope that the gift works out.


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