Thursday, May 23, 2013

Have a Succulent Seat

I love when friends and family look at items, and think, "Karen could use this." That's probably what my mom-in-law was thinking when she bought a hot pink little bench for me. Unfortunately, it's taken quite some time to gain inspiration, which comes from the latest craze to turn chairs into planters--Google "succulents in chair" and you might get inspired too.

Rather than cutting out an inset on the bench, I crocheted a bench "cushion," and here are the steps I took to make that cushion:

1. Make 2 rectangular frames out of 19-gauge wire, which will be the base and opening of the cushion.

2. Crochet enough rows of double-crochet stitches to create a swatch that fits inside one of the frames, like so:

3. Double crochet around the entire swatch. Each of  the side posts per row will require 2 double-crochet stitches; close the round with a slip stitch.
 4. Chain 2. Begin to stitch one of the frames together with the swatch by: inserting the hook through the next stitch and under the frame, yarn-over and pull up a loop onto the hook..
 yarn-over, and draw through both loops on the hook. Do this all the way around and slip stitch the round closed.
 5. Make enough rounds of single-crochet stitches to the height that you want, and stitch the top frame to the last round by repeating step 4.
 6. Line the cushion with brown packing paper, or newspaper.
7: Fill with dirt and your choice of plants. Water thoroughly.

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