Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Man's Trash...

One afternoon I picked up my son from school, and on the way home I spotted Aeoniums piled up at the corner of someone's yard. They looked like they were doomed for the dumpster. As a self-proclaimed succulent plant geek, my eyes just widened and I almost came to a complete stop. So as not to embarrass my 16-year-old, I dropped him off at home and rushed back to the plant heap. Parked, and inhibitions aside, I rang the doorbell and simply asked if I could have the cuttings. Thankfully, the guy said, "Sure. Thanks for asking." I held back my glee-hee-hee!

Here's the pile I came home with:
As I sorted them out, I noticed one of the branches looked like a sculpture, warranting it to be displayed. I went ahead and mounted the branch onto a piece of redwood bark. I had to drill some holes into the bark so I could attach the branch to it with florist wire. Once attached, I concealed the wire with sphagnum moss. Here is the completed project:

The rosettes look a bit squished from being all piled up, but they should perk up in a few days.
Stay tuned for more projects from "One Man's Trash."

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