Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Seat For Thieves??

When I saw this seat, I thought I would make one like it using a doll chair that I had stashed in my pile of JIUL (Junk I'll Use Later). If you sound out the acronym it sounds a lot like jewel. If you're a crafter, you most likely have a JIUL pile.

Now, back to the topic of seats. I really did have in mind to make a squirrel feeder, but that all changed when I went out to harvest some zucchini, and saw that a squirrel had stolen from me!
You might have heard me? I cursed the squirrels all over the world!! Then, I calmed myself down by doing a bit of crocheting, envisioning half-double crochet stitches tightly wound around the guilty varmint. Okay, NO, I wasn't actually thinking that. I thought of this instead:
To make this little basket, I used the same process found here: Succulent Seat,with one difference: the top wire was long enough so that I could pinch and twist the corners, and the basket could easily attach from the bottom of the chair.

Here, I cut and glued some packing paper to the bottom and the inside walls of the basket:

I attached the basket from the bottom of the seat and filled it with soil. At this point, tormented squirrels escaped from my mind and I went to pick out some succulent cuttings from my garden: Crassula campfire, Sedum tricolor, Crassula tom thumb, Sedum confusum, and Senecio rowleyanus (pearls). Here is the final seat; not meant for thieves, but for the calming of the soul.


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    1. Hi Candy! Thanks so much for stopping by, and, yes, darn those squirrels!!


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