Friday, September 6, 2013

Upcycled Hangers

We usually return the wire hangers to the cleaners, but three of those hangers were repurposed today.

Materials for one wire base:
-3 wire hangers of equal size and dimension
-Approximately 12 inches of steel wire
-Spray paint

Materials for one flower:
-About 4 yards of jute twine (this was crocheted in the form of a circle using a J hook)
-Tacky glue
-Succulent cuttings (in this case, Oscularia deltoides and leaves of a Graptopetalum)

Step 1:
Stack the hangers together. With 6 inches of steel wire, at the base of the twisted portion of the hangers, wrap once around all three hangers. Make a couple V's by wrapping the steel wire down and up either side of the peaks of the hangers.
Step 2:
Wrap the remaining 6 inches of steel wire around the middle bases of the hangers.
Step 3:
Separate the sides of the hangers to form a sort-of star.

Step 4:
Turn the star upside down and push the center of the star (where you wrapped the wire) to the other wrapped section.
Step 5:
With one thumb, keep the steel-wired sections together, as you twist each petal twice using your other hand.
Step 6:
Shape each petal. I like to curve each tip toward the center. Turn the hooks downward.
Step 7:
Spray paint and allow to dry.
Step 8:
Make the flower. I'm sorry I don't have a pattern for the crocheted base. Using jute twine, I worked in a spiral until I had a circle large enough to cover the hooks. I glued the O. deltoides first, and then the leaves of the Graptopetalum.

Step 9:
Place the flower on top of the hooks, and attach with florist wire if desired. I just set it onto the hooks. Mist with water every other day.
Alternatively, in Step 6 you can bend the petal wires away from the hooks, and straighten the hooks slightly to create a tripod:

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