Friday, November 1, 2013

Moss-Stuffed Mushrooms

Jute mushrooms are so fun to stuff and plant! Here's a quick tutorial on how to stuff some Balatong Mushrooms:

Start with a pinch of dry sphagnum moss and insert into the bottom of the mushroom.

With the lead-side of a pencil, push the moss into the mushroom. Repeat the process a pinch at a time until the mushroom is full of moss.

Turn the mushroom right-side up. With the lead-tip of the pencil, poke a hole into an indentation of the mushroom cap.

Insert a succulent cutting into the hole just made. In this example, I'm using Sedum tri-color.

Repeat the process of making a hole and inserting a cutting for as many times as you like.

You can place your mushrooms in the garden, and water them as you would your other plants. Don't they look great on a bed of wooly thyme?
You can even display them on a window sill. Gently water them under a running faucet over the sink for as many times as you would water your indoor plants; just be sure to protect the surface from getting any watermarks.

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