Monday, February 3, 2014

Painted Pots

Today, I want to welcome guest crafter, Cheryl Taitano. Cheryl and I met on Facebook in a group called Succulent Fanatics. Membership in this group is worldwide, and all you need to be a part of it is to share the passion for succulents.When Cheryl posted a picture of these cute little pots, I wanted to learn how to create my own. I thought you'd like to know too, so Cheryl was kind enough to put this awesome tutorial together:

Step 1:  Choose a planter or a series of planters.  In my case, I had four small planters which came with some succulents that I had purchased from big box stores.  I thought it would be neat to group them together with a common theme - dragonflies!

Step 2:  Choose a dragonfly stencil.  If you can draw well, you can skip this and simply draw freehand.  The stencil will work best on a flat surface.  My planters tapered towards the bottom, so it was tricky, but I just went along with it.  I wasn't aiming for perfection or formality.  But if you want really clean lines, then choose a planter that will allow your stencil to lay flat and not move.  Simply use scotch tape to secure the stencil over your planter.

Step 3:  Choose an acrylic paint.  I already had this on hand, but I'm sure another brand would work as well.  If you can't lay your planter or painting surface flat while painting, then make sure your paint is thick so it doesn't drip down.  You may use any artist's brush or even a makeup sponge to apply the base color of the dragonfly.  After painting the base color, you may remove the stencil carefully.

Step 4:  Once you are sure that the base color is dry, you can now paint over it with other colors to create the intricate design or details of your dragonfly.  You can get ideas by simply googling dragonfly images.

Step 5:  You can do a different design on the other side of the planters.  So, when you want something fresh, you simply turn the planters around.  I painted the word GROW using letter stencils,  as I thought it would be perfect for whatever succulent I choose to plant in them later.

Step 6:  Seal everything with a clear spray sealer such as Rustoleum.  You can choose either a gloss or satin finish.  My finished product has not been sealed yet because it is still too cold to spray it outside,  but I will be using a glossy finish to match the rest of the planter. 

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